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01 September 2006 @ 03:41 am
Temporary Insanity (PG-13) Veronica, Wallace, Mac  
Title: Temporary Insanity
Author: blue_icy_rose
Characters/Pairings: Veronica, Wallace, Mac, one mention of Dick
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1581
Spoilers/Warnings: Er...one swear word, I think. LOL. I think that's pretty much it. Nothing major from the show is mentioned. Oh and there's a nod to one of Veronica's lines from "Normal is the Watchword" in there.
Summary: After graduating from college, Keith sends Veronica to Scotland for her gift. Wallace and Mac go with her. This is just a glimpse into their day.
Notes: Well, this isn't my best work but I was determined to get this done, even if it is a couple hours late. (If that means it can't be accepted, that's completely okay, just let me know.) Unfortunately, I've been having trouble writing VM fic lately so if something feels off, feel free to let me know. I was hoping to capture the fun side of these three so here's hoping. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy.

But first, a few things. Yes, you can stay in the castle they film Harry Potter at. (Kristina, I so need to thank Rachel for that bit of info! LOL.)

Second, if you're interested, links to the recipes for what they ordered will be at the bottom, as will a picture of the castle they visit. Enjoy!

Temporary Insanity